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Adaptable, efficient, and incredibly easy-to-use, Tasicca is specifically designed to be operator friendly.

We have worked tirelessly with numerous forces across the UK to ensure that our product does exactly what is required – nothing more, and nothing less.

Technology is evolving at an incredible rate. Our talented designers and developers ensure that Tasicca is continuously improved and advanced to ensure that British Police constabularies have the most innovative, efficient and secure electronic security solution in the World.

Our bespoke, interfaced solution allows us to approach each opportunity with a specific customer and their needs in mind. We offer unique, innovative ideas that are designed and installed in accordance with relevant standards and home office design guides.
No Tasicca project design is ever the same.
Our consultants will create a solution that best fits your needs.
If you can think of a new solution for your custody suite, the chances are we can do it. Your vision is our capability.